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Black Insomnia is for the people who fight for what they want in life. Those who strive to become the best version of themselves. The people who are driven by their goals and passions. We are for the work hard, play hard. The people who don’t make excuses. The people who have a special, unmatched energy that no one will likely ever challenge. The people who live a life true to who they are and cherish every moment of it. We are for over-achievers and future overachievers. Kick-ass is your nickname


With an incredible 1105 mg of caffeine tested via liquid chromatography in a German-based laboratory, Black Insomnia came out on top of all those reviewed. That’s four times stronger than the average cup of coffee. Now the high-caffeine world is our playground.

Black Insomnia - Dark Roast - Whole Bean and Ground

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  • Black Insomnia Full flavour is our darker, more intense coffee taste. It has all the body of a dark roast but none of the bitterness. Smooth yet strong caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas. A luxurious robust dark chocolate flavour with a velvety body and crema. Low in acidity and all-natural.

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