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Ingredients: Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic instant Snow Fungus (tremella fuciformis) (1%) & organic instant Maitake (grifola frondosa)(1%), (2%: 4540 mg per package).

Recommended dosage: 14 g coffee for one cup of coffee.


227 g or 8 oz. SERVING SIZE: 12 g or 0,42 oz per cup or 18 cups per bag.

Rå Hygge - Mushroom Coffee - Beauty - Whole Bean or Ground

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  • ORIGIN: Peru, organic
    FARM: Small farmer co-operatives
    REGION: High grown Arabica coffee from the slopes of the Andes
    TASTING NOTES: Smooth, nutty and with chocolate undertone

    We take pride in offering this low-acid mushroom coffee, which combines craft roasted organic coffee with organic fungi extract. Our extract is  double extracted for higher nutritional value of polyphenols and triterpenes. The full-bodied flavor is not affected - on the contrary, it adds to it – resembling an umami effect.

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